All products produced by Pro Art Creation are made in an environment-friendly technology. Their base material is foamed polystyrene in which we make all the sculptures, which subsequently are covered in a special protective layer - fiberglass -ensuring long-term durability. The final phase of production is covering our sculptures in paints or acrylic paints (depending on the client’s preferences mat or shiny) Our products, apart from precise workmanship and esthetic look, are very durable and light, which allows for easy dislocation of the presented figures and decorations

We use a wide range of technologies to make our figures:

  • sculpture building material: foamed polystyrene, wood, extruded polystyrene foam
  • the modeling coating: plaster, plasticine, clay, polimer clay, fiberglass-molds
  • reinforcement: gauze, fiberglass mat, carbon fibre
  • construction: steel. aluminium, wood
  • protective layers: acrylic, epoxy, polyester, polymerizing resins, and many more
  • Fillers: sand, metal, paper, glass
  • painting: resin color, acrylic paints, gel coat, top coat and many more.

Models, furnishings, forms in fiberglass technology, rigid and silicone:

  • in order to copy the model/figure we make forms
  • wooden, rigid, fiberglass, gummy forms, molds

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Technology - Fiberglass Statues process


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